DSC_9060The Fairfax Academy was established in March of 1977 as a private institution of early learning and development where young children of all backgrounds, races, and ethnic heritages could learn and grow together. Mrs. Norma Brill founded the Fairfax Academy. Her first school, Teeny Weeny Day Nursery was established in 1971 when women rapidly joined the workforce and needed quality care for their children. With three students, Mrs. Brill’s vision of affordable, quality preschools designed for the working family began. The Fairfax Academy remains a family owned and operated business with a commitment to provide a sage, nurturing, environment in a family like atmosphere.

At The Fairfax Academy, we believe that early childhood education is essential to the development of well rounded, eager, students. Our mission is to provide an engaging, stimulating, and fun environment in which children of all backgrounds can work together to learn and thrive. We have served the South Arlington community for over four decades, and have kept our registration fees low, tuition and associated costs affordable because we don't think that anyone should be excluded from a high quality private education.

We engage each child depending on their own unique personality and learning needs. Our wonderful learning environment features shelves upon shelves of books, games, a playground, indoor recreation areas, and a cafeteria! We are conveniently located in the heart of South Arlington, so contact us today to schedule a tour.

“Children are the resources of the future and our most precious legacy. Their education and development are the most important tasks we can undertake.”

The complicated and stressful times in which we live demand that we make special efforts to provide children with a safe, yet stimulating environment in which to spend their formative years. The Fairfax Academy has created a setting in which your child will receive both love and learning at the hands of dedicated professionals who have been carefully chosen on the basis of their proficiency in early childhood education and their demonstrated caring for young children.

The development of the whole child – physically, emotionally, socially, intellectually, and psychologically are essential components to an early childhood experience.